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Fungi and Lichens

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These are pictures that I took at the Louisiana State Arboretum
Fungi come in many sizes, shapes, and colors and are a fun group of organisms to search out and photograph. If you like the idea of collecting them, please remember that some members of this group are very deadly, others will just make you ill. If you collect to eat, only consume them if you are 100% sure of what you have and remember to always leave some behind to allow the population to regenerate. It is also a good idea to wash your hands after handling any mushroom, just in case.

A mushroom is actually only a small piece of the organism (these are not plants). These structures appear only when the fungus is ready to reproduce. The bulk of a mushroom producing fungus is generally a mass of thread-like structures (hyphae) that penetrate the substrate (such as the ground or a tree trunk) in which the organism grows.

Turkey Tail... Trametes versicolor

Two similar looking shelf fungi, the turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)and the false turkey tail (Stereum ostrea) are most easily distingushed from each other by the presences or absence of pores on the lower surface of the mushroom.

White shelf fungus growing in the hollow trunk of a fallen beech tree.

35-70mm lens, F8, 125

This fallen beech trunk was hollow long before it's demise, but the rich, soft already decomposing wood was quickly colonized by fungi after it fell. Now one can see the large white shelf fungus inside as well new plants growing in the nutrient rich soil being created within the hollow. Even the mushroom that is helping to turn this wood back into dirt is subject to breakdown and decay and a layer of algae is beginning to form on it.

This Lichen with Pink Pigments is Common On our Beech Trees...

Lichens are actually two differnt organsims in one....a fungus that has contained within it a small photosynthesizing organism, usually algae. Sometimes instead of algae the complex contains cyanobacteria, giving it a dark, bluish-gray appearence.